Buying a Home with Your VA Eligibility May be SO Easy

Dated: September 4 2020

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Buying a Home with Your VA Eligibility May be SO Easy


Here are some samples of program criteria that may work for you.

If this works for you, give me a call. I will connect you to a VA lender.

Arna Freedman, 949-244-0444

Broker Associate DRE#00925320    

  • 580 Credit score minimum 
  • Up to 100% Financing up to $765K (County loan limits apply)
  • No waiting period for a Short Sale (if there are no lates)
  • VA Refi without Appraisal 
  • VA Debt payoff
  • 100% Cashout refi - still available and on a case by case basis
  • No DTI cap
  • Manual Underwrites 
  • 100k Min loan amount
  • 1 year from CH 13 Bankruptcy
  • 2 years from a CH 7 Bankruptcy

  • Different restrictions may apply and only a lender can check to see if you qualify.
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Arna Freedman

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